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    Do you suffer from indoor allergies?
    Are you tired all the time?
    Have more headaches than usual?
    Do you worry that you might have a mold problem?

    Your home could be making you sick.

    Don’t live in fear of your own home. Call Inspired Indoor Air owner Steve Hergott today. Steve has 40 years of HVAC experience, an engineering degree from Cornell, and the backing of the $100,000 OnGuard™ Guarantee.

    Steve literally wrote the book on creating a healthy indoor environment. He won’t rest until you have a solution to your air quality concerns.

    “Healthy Harmless Home”
    by Steve Hergott

    "Healthy Harmless Home" by Steve Hergott On Sale Now

    Inspired Indoor Air uses a suite of powerful tools to make your home safe again.

    Air Quality Testing
    Mold Testing
    Moisture Testing

    Don’t Fear Your Own Home

    Moisture, Mold, and indoor air quality can negatively affect your quality of life

    People come to Inspired Indoor Air for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

    • Sinus problems
    • Trouble breathing
    • Sick children or elderly relatives
    • Getting sick after a vacation
    • Chronic tiredness
    • Indoor allergies
    • Mold
    • Moisture spots
    • Doctor’s recommendation
    • Unidentified Odors
    • HVAC Advice

    It’s frustrating not knowing what’s making you or your family sick. You need solutions fast, before the issues progress into long-term consequences. But you don’t know where to turn.

    Inspired Indoor Air is driven by a simple philosophy: You shouldn’t feel sick in your own home. Your home should be your refuge from the problems of the outside world. Your walls should protect your family.

    Don’t let these problems overwhelm you. Inspired Indoor Air is here to make things simple.

    Decades of Indoor Air Experience

    Steve Hergott will bring decades of expertise to bear on your issues. Steve has many certifications from the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI), including Certified Moisture Control Professional (CMCP) and Certified Advanced IAQ Asessor (CAIA). Plus he’s written the book on indoor air quality and holds an engineering degree from Cornell.

    Inspired Indoor Air is an independent consultant. It is not directly affiliated with any remediators or other contractors, so there are no incentives to exaggerate problems and recommend expensive solutions.

    Steve offers the OnGuard™ 199-Point Inspection, which means his clients can join OnGuard™ and take advantage of the $100,000 OnGuard™ Protection Guarantee. If problems are found, the network of affiliated contractors are available to fix the problems up to the highest standards.

    Plus, Steve is driven by a deep-seated need to solve his clients’ problems. “I’ve got a couple of problems. I’m German, and I’m an engineer, so I’ve gotta get everything right about your house before I leave,” Steve says.

    Steve Hergott has decades of experience in solving indoor air quality issues.

    Follow the 4-Step Process to Better Indoor Air

    Inspired Indoor Air has a 4-Step Process to ensure quality service. Every home is different, but a methodical approach assures that any problem can be solved and every homeowner gets the best service.

    Step 1: Free initial consultation

    Contact Inspired Indoor Air today and talk to owner Steve Hergott. Together, you can decide if Inspired Indoor Air’s approach can solve your indoor air problem.

    Step 2: Build a plan

    Inspired Indoor Air can set forth a set of options that offer the best chance of successfully diagnosing your indoor air problem while keeping within your budget.

    Step 3: Book an appointment

    With a budget and service package set, it’s time to pick a date. Steve always wants to get to work on your home’s ailments as soon as possible.

    Step 4: Testing & Diagnosis

    Now the master sets about his work. You’ll get a thorough series of tests hitting the most likely causes of your issues and aimed at building a remediation recommendation to make your home safe and your family healthy.

    Enjoy Your Home Again

    Liberate yourself and your family from indoor air quality issues and enjoy your home again

    The most common feeling we hear from our clients is relief. It’s liberating to finally know the source of the mysterious problems that have ailed you. Now instead of questions, you have a plan of action and clarity about what’s going on.

    Don’t let these problems wait. Several causes of indoor air quality issues can lead to compromised immune systems. Don’t spend any more time wondering what’s wrong.

    Contact Inspired Indoor Air to start the process of getting your home back.