Recommended Products

BLS12K Air and surface purifier

BLS12K Air & Surface Purifier

  • Ball Bearing brushless ultra quiet motor with 3 fan speeds
  • Exclusive technology to attack mold, bacteria, and viruses
  • Needlepoint Ion generation to significantly reduce particles in the air
  • Adjustable purifier control with scalable ozone to supplement, when desired, PCO technology
  • Full function remote control
  • Universal AC/DC power supply and replaceable exclusive triangle PCO cell design for better air flow and distribution
  • 1500 sq. ft coverage
MCI22k air and surface purifier

MCI22K Air & Surface Purifier

  • Ball bearing brushless ultra-quiet motor with three fan speeds
  • Exclusive MCI™(Multi-Cluster Ionization)™technology to attack mold, bacteria & viruses.
  • Needlepoint Ion generation to significantly reduce particles in the air
  • Adjustable fan control with fully functioning remote control
  • Universal/International AC/DC power supply and replaceable MCI™plug ’n play cells for better air flow and distribution
  • Needlepoint Ionization
  • MCI™(Multi-Cluster Ionization)™Technology utilizing DBI (dielectric barrier ionizer) cell.
  • MCITM Technology utilizing PCO (photo-catalytic oxidizer) cell with a quad metallic coating and a no-ozone lamp
  • 2700 sq. ft coverage at 8 ft. ceiling height
Greentech Environmental pureAir50 Portable Purifier

Greentech Environmental pureAir 50

Small Space Plug-in Purifier

  • Compact & Portable Great for Travelers to Use in Hotel Room
  • Adjustable Purification via Easy to Reach & Operate Knob
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Whisper Quiet Operation Eliminates Smoke & Odors – Doesn’t Cover Them Up
  • Significantly Reduces Mold, Bacteria, & Viruses
BLS SynAIRgPure™ 16K/24K HVAC Probe

BLS SynAIRgPure™ 16K/24K HVAC Probe

Duct mounted, requires professional installation

  • Trademarked MCI™ (Multi-cluster Ionization) Technology Customizable Probe from 16K ft³³ to 40K ft³³
  • Covers/Cleans Residential, Commercial and Industrial Environments with Proactive Technology
  • Helps Keep Duct Systems Free from Contaminants (increasing oxidizers may be needed for harsh environments)
  • Reduces VOCs, mVOCs, Odor, Bacteria, Viruses, Mold and Particulates
  • Completely Safe for Humans and Animals (see hospital testing data)
  • Reduces “A” Coil Cleaning and Maintenance (25,000 hr. Lamp and Dielectric Barrier Ionization Cells)
  • Reduces Bio-nesting, eliminates/reduces mold, bacteria and the odors associated with them
  • Provides a Cleaner “A” Coil and, therefore, Provides More Energy Efficiency (in return plenum)
  • Provides Less Frequent Filter Changes
  • Attacks Pollutants in the Air and on Surfaces (when installed in the return and supply plenum)
  • Good for Homes, Offices, Schools, Day-Care Facilities, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, RV’s, Large Commercial Environments
  • 12v Conversion for International Use using 13.3 Watts (ETF Approved w/UL approved power supply)
  • Recommendations based on average contamination levels. Where highly contaminated, increase size of unit.

Replacement Parts

BLS12K Replacement Ozone

BLS12L Replacement Ozone
This is the replacement part which produces scalable ozone in the BLS12K.

BLS12K Replacement Cell

BLS12K Replacement Cell

This is the replacement cell for the BLS12K. This is a PCO Cell with MCI but has NO OZONE.

MCI™ 3″ DBI Cell Replacement

MCI 3" DBI Cell Replacement
MCI™ 3″ DBI Cell Replacement–this cell is the replacement dielectric barrier ionizer cell.

9″ UV Bulbs for Probes

9" UV Bulbs for Probes
Standard 5″ replacement UV bulb for HVAC induct air purification units.

Products Available on Special Order

Aprilaire Media-type Air Cleaners – Merv 10 ratings

Zehnder Comfortaire ERVs – Very efficient ventilation solutions

Field Fan-In-Can Combustion Air Kits – Meets codes for combustion air

ThermaStor Dehumidifiers – Various sizes

Aprilaire 8126 – Ventilation Control and outdoor air ducted to return air plenum

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