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    Indoor Air Quality Testing by Inspired Indoor Air

    There’s no need to fear your home. Your home should be a space you’re comfortable in, and the air quality of your home can influence that. Many people don’t think about their home’s air quality. However, it’s essential that you consider it. Clean and healthy air is the best way to prevent all types of health complications. Air filled with mold, spores, bacteria, fine particles or dangerous gasses can lead to flu-like symptoms, allergies, or worse. The worst part is that you may not even know that the air inside your home is dangerous.

    That’s why Inspired Indoor Air offers indoor air quality testing. Steve Hergott leads our indoor air quality testing. Hergott, a 40-year professional, has an engineering degree from Cornell and wrote a book focused on indoor air quality. If you think you need an indoor air quality test, you need to talk to the best in the business. You’ll feel relief just by calling.

    How Do I Know If I Have Poor Indoor Air Quality?

    Poor indoor air quality can lead to respiratory issues
    Have you been dealing with sinus issues lately? What about becoming sick more often with respiratory infections? Maybe you’ve been coughing all the time, and you don’t know why. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, we can help you!

    Many different factors affect the air quality inside your home. Mold, pollen, dust mites, lead, radon, and even formaldehyde are just some of the few things that could be floating around in your home’s air. Typically, some level of these compounds and fungi are always present in your home. However, some catalysts cause the levels of these contaminants to rise. For example, a spot that is constantly wet will be more susceptible to mold growth. Once this area starts to grow mold, your home’s air will fill with an abnormal amount of mold particles.

    Of course, it’s impossible to create 100% contaminant-free air, but when the contaminants get to be too much, they cause sickness. People who live in homes with increased levels of mold in the air are more likely to come down with respiratory infections. They may even have trouble breathing inside their own homes. Contaminated air is particularly detrimental to young children, pets and the elderly.

    However, different substances in your air will affect you differently. Homes with abnormal amounts of formaldehyde or radon in the air put their occupants at risk for lung cancer. Likewise, long-term lead exposure has been proven to cause cancer and a host of other health complications related to the central nervous system. Air quality testing makes sure that you’re safe and protected against anything in your air.

    Poor indoor air quality can pervade your hvac system

    You may be asking, “If mold is most likely the problem, why can’t I just look for it, and deal with it, myself?” While you could seek out mold buildup inside your home, it can be quite a dangerous task. Mold exposure, even just a small amount, puts you at risk for illness and infection. What’s more, you may not even be able to spot the mold. Often, mold in the home isn’t in plain sight. Much of the mold growth that happens in homes is hidden beneath drywall or in crawl spaces or attics. Plus, while mold is a common contaminant, it might not be the one you have. It would be best if you had air quality testing to get an idea of what is infecting your house.

    Testing the air quality will determine whether your home’s air is safe or not. The best part is you won’t need to crawl around your house or tear up any drywall to know if your home has a problem with contaminants. Air testing is non-invasive, so there won’t be any damage to your home during the process. Read our FAQs page for more on Air Quality Testing.

    We offer many types of indoor air quality testing

    Our Air Quality Testing Services

    With a wide range of possible contaminants, we offer an array of services to find the root of the problem. Choosing the correct testing method will ensure that your home’s air isn’t contaminated.

    Air Sampling:

    One of the most effective methods of determining a home’s air quality is a broad air sampling. Air sampling seeks to find any contaminants in the air by sending a sample to a laboratory for analysis. Air sampling allows us to get a good idea of what may be the cause of your problems. It can be useful in detecting mold, harmful gases, dust, and microorganisms.

    VOC Sampling:

    VOC stands for volatile organic compounds. A volatile organic compound is an organic chemical that can evaporate at room temperature. It’s the product of paints, stains, wood preservatives, and a multitude of other substances found in the home. It’s normal to have some amount of VOCs in the house. However, increased levels can lead to various health risks. We can test to see if these levels are safe or not. Formaldehyde is a VOC.

    Dust Sampling:

    Dust is a normal part of owning a home. We’re sure you’re familiar with the weekly task of dusting tables, shelves, and ceiling fans, but sometimes, dust levels can be too much. Some homes can produce more dust than homeowners can dispose of, even with weekly dusting. You may think that you’ve dusted thoroughly, but dust particles can stay suspended in your home’s air causing allergies and respiratory complications. Our dust sampling might identify the cause of home health complaints.

    Combustible Gas Detection:

    Combustible gas is any gas that is considered to be flammable, toxic, or oxygen depleting. In homes, we test for a variety of different gases that could cause harm to the homeowner or those living within the dwelling, including pets. One dangerous gas you may have heard of is carbon monoxide, which can kill. Carbon monoxide is particularly dangerous because it’s odorless and colorless. However, our testing methods can find out if there’s an unsafe level in your home.

    HVAC Consulting:

    Parts of a home’s defense against unhealthy air is the HVAC system. Since HVAC systems distribute air throughout a home, they can spread unsafe substances in the house. HVAC systems and their accessories can also be the best solutions to indoor air quality problems. We offer HVAC consultations to homeowners who are worried about their HVAC unit’s role in creating a healthy environment. We also offer HVAC evaluations to determine if it is time to replace old heating and air conditioning systems and what your best choices might be.

    Particle Counting:

    Sometimes seemingly innocuous particles in the air can have real health side effects. Our particle counting services determine precisely how many particles are floating around in your home’s air as well as their size.

    The 4 Step Inspired Indoor Air process

    We aren’t here just to tell you what’s wrong with your air quality. We’re here to solve the problems as well. We offer a multitude of solutions depending on your particular circumstances using our proven 4-step process.

    At Inspired Indoor Air, we look at air quality testing from an individual perspective. Our 4-step process allows every client to know they are being taken care of properly.

    Step 1: Free Initial Consultation

    We aren’t like the other guys who are in air quality testing to make a quick buck. We want to know if we can help you before charging you for our services. During your free consultation, we’ll ask you some basic questions about your home’s air to see if we can help you.

    Step 2: Build a Plan

    After we gather some information about your home’s air, we can start laying out a plan for you. We like to offer as many options as possible, so you feel like you’re in control of your home’s air quality. We’ll make sure to stick within your budget too!

    Step 3: Book an Appointment

    Once we figure out the details, you can schedule your appointment at a convenient time. Once a date is marked, we will make sure to show up ready to test your home’s air.

    Step 4: Testing & Diagnosis

    We won’t stop until we come to a conclusion about the quality of your home’s air. If your air is contaminated, we’ll offer a few solutions on how we can help solve the problem. We pride ourselves on being as thorough as possible, and we aim to make your home a safe place to live.

    Living with Improved Air Quality

    If you’ve been living with contaminated air, you’ll be happy to find peace of mind once we’ve completed our services. You’ll no longer have to live in fear of your home, and you won’t need to worry about the long-term side effects of living with contaminated air. We will get you the answers you need. Give us a call today if you’re interested in taking back control of your home and living in a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

    You'll no longer have to worry about the long term side effects of bad indoor air quality.