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    Moisture Testing by Inspired Indoor Air

    A simple philosophy drives Inspired Indoor Air: You shouldn’t feel unsafe in your own home. Your home should be your refuge from the problems of the outside world. And your walls should protect your family.

    All mold begins with a moisture problem, whether it’s a leak, a flooded toilet, too-high indoor humidity levels or water seeping into your basement from an extra heavy rain. We offer a variety of moisture testing so that we don’t miss a single source of dampness in your home, and we offer solutions so that you can be confident that your home is safe for your family’s health again. Remember, moisture is the problem, and mold is the result.

    How Moisture Testing Can Protect You

    Moisture testing helps a homeowner address small problems before they become massive problems with long-term health consequences. Not only does Inspired Indoor Air catch mold problems, but we address the environment in your home that is causing the mold to grow. Steve Hergott and his team uses moisture mapping, infrared cameras, and hygrometers to thoroughly examine where moisture might be hiding, where mold may grow invisible in corners, and what in your home may be triggering mold growth. He offers the OnGuard 199-Point Inspection, which assures that any future mold problems will be taken care of up to $100,000. This guarantee is backed by an insurance company with third-party coverage so that you can feel confident about your inspection.
    Moisture testing can help you identify problems before they become massive.

    Mold and moisture damage cost American homeowners an average of $2.5 billion a year.
    Left unchecked, excess moisture in your home:

    • Causes illnesses like asthma, migraines, bronchitis or even pneumonia
    • Damages walls, flooring, and cabinets
    • Shortens the lifespan of roofs, decks, and siding
    Don’t let this be you! Let Inspired Indoor Air help you detect any mold and moisture damage in your home. Steve Hergott brings his 40 years of expertise in the HVAC industry and combines it with state of the art testing to help you protect your home from the damaging effects of mold and moisture.

    Stay Protected

    Inspired Indoor Air is also the exclusive Essex County/Metro North dealership for the OnGuard™ Protection Guarantee. This allows Inspired Indoor Air to offer a $100,000 guarantee for moisture inspections, backed by OnGuard™ and it’s A+ rated carrier.
    Our mold testing equipments allows us to not rely on just the human eye for inspections.

    Our Moisture Testing Services

    If you see mold, you know you have mold. If you smell mildew and mustiness, then most likely you have mold. But what about a hidden leak under your floorboards or behind a wall? By the time you see moisture from a slow leak, you may already have water damage and mold growth. That’s why we don’t rely on the human eye for inspections. We use hygrometers to measure air moisture, infrared cameras to see behind the walls and baseboards, and moisture mapping to show you where moisture accumulates in your home. We back up our inspections with the OnGuard Guarantee that continues to protect your home even after we finish our investigations. We are serious about doing a thorough job so that you can rest easy that your home is safe for your loved ones.

    OnGuard’s 199-Point Inspection:

    Mold and moisture problems can grow over time, hidden behind walls and inside porous basement walls. As an authorized dealer for OnGuard, Inspired Indoor Air goes beyond a standard home inspection to find issues that can turn into much bigger problems for your home later on. We provide the OnGuard 199-Point Inspection to thoroughly uncover any unpleasant surprises your home may have for you. If we miss anything in our inspection, you are guaranteed for up to $100,000 to repair, replace, or remediate your mold or moisture problem. Also, this guarantee is transferable to another homeowner if you should sell your house, providing great peace of mind when negotiating a home sale.

    Moisture Mapping:

    Steve’s background in engineering means that he loves detailed plans. Moisture mapping helps him identify the source of moisture so that he can understand how to fix your moisture problem at its origin. Simply remedying your mold problem isn’t enough. Steve and his team strive to find and fix the original moisture problem to prevent any future mold issues. With a moisture map in hand, he can confidently assess your home’s issues and repair the damage caused by mold and dampness.

    IR Cameras

    Because moisture can lurk behind walls or baseboards, we use infrared cameras to see beyond a basic visual inspection. Not sure if that water spot on your ceiling is an active leak or just a stain? We provide peace of mind when we use our IR camera to get an idea of what’s happening behind your drywall. Using cutting-edge thermographic cameras take the guessing game out of moisture detection. When moisture evaporates, it will likely cool the wall, making it blue on our cameras. Combined that with temperature readings and moisture meter readings, we can see which areas in your home are more likely to develop mold or moisture problems before you can see or smell a water issue.

    If you are buying a home, you may not know if the downstairs toilet was prone to overflowing, or if the new kitchen sink was a DIY job. But with infrared cameras, you can tell if water damage is new, ongoing, or the current perfect breeding ground for mold. At Inspired Indoor Air, we like to catch problems before they happen because it safeguards our customers’ homes.

    Moisture Measurements

    In addition to needing a food source and the perfect temperature to thrive, mold growth explodes when the air’s moisture goes above 60%, and the temperature rises. Poor ventilation, excessive humidity, or even a rainy day can trigger mold colony growth. Measuring the moisture content of air helps us identify what plan of action would protect you. Dark, warm, moist areas in your home often don’t get the attention they need to prevent mold growth. Common areas with poor ventilation are:

    • Bathrooms
    • Laundry rooms
    • Basements
    • Closets
    • Kitchens
    • Ventilation Ducts

    Also, there may be places on your roof where ice or snow commonly accumulate, or where insufficient insulation allows water to seep into your home. Winter water damage can remain unnoticed until an unseasonably warm spring day induces mold colony growth under the eaves of your home or on the inside your roof. We examine all potential problems in your house because we want to do the job right the first time.

    The 4 Step Inspired Indoor Air process

    When you are ready for moisture testing in your home, we will be here to help you. We use specialty moisture detection tools to take the guessing game out of mold detection. As professionals in the indoor air quality field, we take your family’s health seriously. When you contact us, you can expect a free initial consultation and then a solid plan designed just for you, followed by a prompt appointment, and finally, a thorough Indoor Air Quality assessment.

    Step 1: Free Initial Consultation

    Call Owner Steve Hergott today and meet with him about your moisture concerns. Reviewing your problems with a certified Moisture Control Professional and Indoor Environmental Consultant will give you peace of mind that you’ve contacted the right professional for the job.

    Step 2: Build a Plan

    At Inspired Indoor Air, we understand that everyone’s budgets are different. We work with you to find a plan that meets your needs and your budget.

    Step 3: Book an Appointment

    Once we’ve decided on a plan, we work with your schedule to get your property inspected and tested right away. We know that mold can multiply quickly when the moisture and temperature in your home are just right for its growth, and we want you to breathe easier as soon as possible in your own home.

    Step 4: Testing & Diagnosis

    During this stage, you can step back and let us get to work diagnosing your home’s problems. We will communicate with you about why we’re testing what we’re testing and work efficiently so that the disruptions to your family are minimal. We want to help you resolve your home’s problems as soon as possible so that you can get back to living your happiest, healthiest life.

    Your Family’s Well-Being Is Our Top Priority

    With over 40 years of experience in the HVAC field, Steve understands that your family’s health is your most important priority. Steve’s #1 priority is helping your home to be clean and safe from mold and moisture. He brings his expertise into your home to help you mend your family’s wellness. You can be confident that Inspired Indoor Air will treat your home and family with professionalism.

    We want you to feel safe in your home again because the air you breathe is finally clean and healthy. Contact Steve Hergott today to schedule your initial consultation and put your family’s indoor air in the hands of an expert.

    Our #1 priority is ensuring your home is clean and safe